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Article: Surrendering to Radical Islam

November 14, 2007

From Joseph Klein / FrontPageMag:

Saudi Arabian King Abdullah visited Pope Benedict XVI last week at the Vatican. This was part of the king’s feigned gesture of inter-religious understanding, as he made his way around Europe.

As far as Islamists like King Abdullah are concerned, religious understanding means that the Pope is supposed to apologize for speaking the truth about the violent, intolerant nature of Islamic jihad, while Muslim leaders need not apologize for the actual violence committed every day around the world in their religion’s name.

King Abdullah’s gift to the Pope was a sword. How ironic. He would have done better if he had made a solemn promise to end his country’s religious apartheid and the lessons of hate that are spoon fed every day to Saudi schoolchildren. But the king knows that had he made such an offer and tried to carry it out back home, he and his royal brethren would face beheadings under the vengeful swords wielded by the Wahabi extremists who set and enforce the religious rules in Saudi Arabia.

Indeed, while the king’s gift of a sword can be explained away as the traditional Bedouin custom the Saudis follow when foreign leaders visit their country, the gift also speaks volumes about the Muslim culture of violence. The Saudi flag itself contains a sword right under an Arabic inscription of faith.

As John F. Cullinan, a former senior foreign-policy adviser to the U.S. Catholic bishops, explained, “jihad — in the sense of armed conflict for religious reasons — remains a living element of Islamic thought and life”.

It is no wonder, then, that Pope Benedict’s pleas to King Abdullah on behalf of Christians and other minorities, who are suffering daily persecutions in the Muslim world, fell on deaf ears. Until there is a true reform movement against the prevailing lethal strains of hatred, intolerance and violence that have infected Muslim societies and which the Islamic extremists seek to export world-wide, any inter-religious dialogues are pointless theatrical exercises.

Full article here.

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One Comment
  1. I had no idea that the gift was a sword! It really does speak volumes.

    As long as the political element dominates Islam I don’t see a sensible path towards peace.

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