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Article: Demography is destiny: Hispanic Catholics to impact U.S. society

September 16, 2007

Archbishop Chaput / Archdiocese of Denver:

For many years, the ministry, theological reflection and actual participation of Hispanics in the Church had, in some ways, been shaped by a spirit of confrontation; a theology that reinforced the Hispanic sense of alienation and discrimination. Of course, those bitter feelings were often rooted in real suffering and serious injustices. But in the long run, resentment is never a source of life and never a sign of strength. Today, the American landscape has changed. Demography is destiny. In the future, Hispanic Catholics will have a very serious influence on the direction of American society. And this is why I believe it’s time for Hispanics in general, and Hispanic leadership in particular, to take up the role that they deserve, and which they’ve earned, in the mission of the Church.

Hispanic Catholic leaders have an extraordinary opportunity to lead by their example of faith and generosity. America today is very different from America 50 years ago. The time we live in has unique advantages and also very real dangers to human dignity. For American Catholics of every ethnic and geographic background, our faith needs to be our glue of unity and our common identity in making a more humane and just society.

Full article here.


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