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Report: Pope’s secretary says Islam danger to Europe

August 31, 2007

From The Muslim News:

In an interview with a German newspaper, Monsignor Georg Gaenswein gave a warning against the spread of Islam in Europe, emphasising that political correctness must not blind the West to the threat to its Christian roots.

“We cannot deny the attempts to spread Islam in the West,” the private secretary, who is very close to the Pope, told the Munich-based Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper. “We should not be too understanding and let this blind us to the threat of Europe’s identity. The Catholic Church sees it clearly and is not afraid to say it,” added Gaenswein.

“The danger for the identity of Europe that is connected with it should not be ignored out of a wrongly understood respectfulness,” he told the paper.

Full report here.

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One Comment
  1. E.Farag permalink

    I want every one study the history of Christianity and Islam and how Islam spared in the world.
    There is two model:

    The Egyptian model (Accommodation and welcome) then Egypt become a Muslim country and the Egyptian become minority and not welcome in their own country.

    Or the Spanish model: Eliminate and push out the Arabs and clean the country so Spain stayed a christian country free country.
    After 9-11 the Egyptian Muslim brotherhood (Egypt) built multi groups all over the world, under many different names (celluls) and tried to confuse and convense the whole world that islam is peacful religan.
    We have not seen any religus leader in the muslim world condamn Ben Laden or the attenta of 9-11 they all approve it and consiered Ben Laden an Hero.
    This must stop now and the western countries must wake up before the casatrophe happen and the fondamotalist tooking over.
    We have learn from the history how Spain was able to push them back.

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