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Article: Goodbye, Christendom. Hello, Caliphate

August 28, 2007

Don Feder / FrontPageMag:

An October 25, 2006 article published in The Brussels Journal quotes German author Henryk M. Broder, who told the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant that young Europeans who don’t want to live under a Caliphate should leave while they still can. Sitting on a balcony in Berlin, pointing to passersby, the author sadly commented, “We are watching the world of yesterday.”

Others choose accommodation, and even consider themselves heroic innovators for their pathetic gestures – like Britain’s Booby Prince Charlie, who says that instead of “Defender of the Faith” (a traditional title of British monarchs), he prefers to think of himself as “Defender of the Faiths.” (Why not skip the interim step and go directly to “commander of the faithful”?) This after a conspiracy of Muslim doctors tried to blow up a number of his mum’s subjects in July.

Less sanguine is a French-born rabbi serving a synagogue in Brussels. Writing in The Jerusalem Post last October, Rabbi David Meyer confessed: “I am frightened not just by the anti-Semitism, but by the collective European response of indifference and appeasement. Today, Europe worships compromise. It is ‘fanatical’ in its non-violence. It is a Europe that, in the face of Islamic fanaticism, is ready to stay silent” – or suggest that we all begin praying to the god of jihad.

“By refusing to truly battle the Islamist ideology, by refusing to firmly and consistently oppose the dangers of Iranian nuclear proliferation, by refusing to support Israel in its battle against the menace of Hezbollah, Europe is saying everything is ‘negotiable’” – even the faith of its fathers.

Goodbye, Christendom. Hello, Caliphate. Allah – what a beautiful way to say “I give up; please don’t hurt me!”

Full article here.


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