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Scene: The prayer of St. Clare repels the Saracens

August 13, 2007


The power of her prayers, the depth of her trust in Christ and the effiacacy of both are illustrated by a story told by Thomas of Celano, a contemporary. In 1244, Emperor Frederick II, then at war with the Pope, was ravaging the valley of Spoleto, which was part of the patrimony of the Holy See. He had many Saracens in his army, and a troop of these infidels came to attack and plunder Assisi. Saint Damien’s church and the convent, standing outside the city walls, were their first targets. While the marauders were laying ladders against the convent walls, and beginning to climb them, Clare, who was ill and bed-ridden, had herself carried out to the gate and there set a monstrance containing Sacrament in sight of the enemy.

Prostrating herself before it, she prayed aloud: “Does it please Thee, O God, to deliver into the hands of these beasts the defenseless children whom I have nourished with Thy love? I beseech Thee, good Lord, protect these whom now I am not able to protect.” Whereupon she heard a voice like the voice of a little child saying, “I will have them always in My care.” She prayed again, for the city, and again the voice came, reassuring her. She then turned to the trembling nuns and said, “Have no fear, little daughters; trust in Jesus.” At this, a sudden terror seized their assailants and they ran away.

– From Saint Clare of Assisi, Catherine Fournier,

St Clare with the Scene of the Siege of Assisi, Giuseppe Cesarisource


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  1. Why does everyone say that is how it happened? Clare actually had the Eucharist brought to her in its container, which was NOT a monstrance, and she placed it at the door to the refectory, which is the room where the nuns eat dinner. Then she prostrated herself before it and prayed. There are different accounts of this which can be read in “Clare of Assisi: Early Documents” which is actual translations from the Latin of the original texts, not some modern interpretation. Its very odd the way the story changed into her carrying a monstrance out to the gates of the monastery, considering that this is never how it happened.

  2. person permalink

    The point is St.Clare’s trust in Christ and his saving power, Mercy and Grace. Not the time , what she was wearing or every single solitary microscopic detail.

    I wonder what the assalaints saw that caused them to run in terror…

    All of God’s wonder’s that he does are so tight, and Awesome!

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