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Article: My Trip to Kosovo and Bosnia

June 5, 2007

Jesse Petrilla / FrontPageMagazine:

I landed in Kosovo on a flight from Istanbul directly into the Kosovo capital city of Pristina. This city is a showpiece for the Kosovo Albanians who often take visiting dignitaries and American politicians through a twisty roundabout path through the city, avoiding the many destroyed churches and other evidence of the less than tolerant attitudes so prevalent in the region. I went on a very different tour of Kosovo than what our politicians see. I didn’t stick to only seeing the few good parts of Pristina, I went to other parts of Kosovo where Christians are forced to live in military-like compound ghettos, with the terror and fear of death if they ever set foot outside of their enclaves without protection.


From Pristina I headed for Gracanica, a small enclave of Christian Serbs who’s ancestors have been living in Kosovo for thousands of years. Gracanica Monastery has been the site of Christian churches since the 6th century, yet when I arrived I was struck by the towering concrete walls adorned with coiled barbed wire and machine gun nests, all required now for the protection of the nuns and bishops who live there. The outside was also spotted with vehicle blockers reminiscent of Normandy Beach, with KFOR guards and vehicles patrolling to protect the Christians from Islamist attacks.


I saw the Saudi flag on more than one occasion while there, and even saw many of the U.N. workers driving around wearing full hijab Islamic head coverings, quite comforting considering the U.N. is suppose to protect the Christians who live there if they are attacked. But in 2003 we saw an uprising against the Christians where many churches were destroyed and Christians killed, and the U.N. troops all ran away…

Full article (with photographs) here.

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