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Report: Secularists lay siege to Europe, Italian bishop says

May 17, 2007

From Catholic World News:

The secretary of the Italian bishops’ conference has said that proponents of abortion, euthanasia, and same-sex marriage the “new enemies” of Christianity in Europe.

Speaking on May 16 in Gubbio, Italy, Bishop Giuseppe Betori paid homage to St. Ubaldo, a 12th-century bishop who had “fortified the city against a siege.” Today, the bishop said, the Christian people face a new challenge, in the form of political forces that are “attempting to storm our cities, undermine their peaceful order, and bring turbulence into their lives.” Those forces, he said, are the secularists and nihilists whose efforts undermine respect for the sanctity of life and the bonds of marriage.

Bishop Betori observed that these forces provide excuses for abortion and embryo research and for euthanasia, “violating the sanctity of human life at the beginning and at the end.” They sanction injustice, he said, by allowing the powerful to take advantage of the defenseless. And in an apparent reference to the bid for legal recognition of same-sex unions, he charged that they “dismantle the very nature of the familiy founded on marriage between a man and a woman.”


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