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Report: In Rome, more than a million people gather to celebrate, defend the family

May 12, 2007

From Asia News:

More than a people (1.5 million according to organisers) took part in a rally called Più Familia (More Family) that was organised by 450 associations to stress the value of the family defined as the union between man and woman, open to procreation, serving as the hub of social, cultural, economic and political life. They all came to Rome’s san Giovanni Square, which had never seen so many people, parents with their children, young people and old, those in good health and the disabled. Some families arrived after a day of travel from some of Italy’s islands. Many were Catholics—some were Muslims; others were Jews.

The event, which was supported by the Catholic Church in particular, was opposed by the radical left, gay groups, and much of the media which holds radical and liberal views, who support a draft bill that would officially recognise common law and homosexual couples along with the traditional type of family.

A sense of peace, celebration and happiness pervaded the square, not any hatred or homophobia. Children danced, people carried balloons and colourful umbrellas amidst a vast sea of baby carriages surrounded by grandmothers, young couples soon to tie the knot and those who just did or did it 30 or 40 years ago on this same day, on this Family Day…

Full report here.

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