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Report: Abortion ship must not enter Malta

May 1, 2007

From The Malta Star:

Gift of Life, the pro-life organisation, said it is not in the least surprised about the news that the abortion ship from the pro-abortion group “Women on Waves” intends to sail to Malta.

“We have been calling for better protection for the unborn in Malta for two and a half years now and we have repeatedly warned everyone of this possibility,” said Gift of Life.

“These people will NEVER give up until abortion is legalised in Malta. Women on Waves were actively involved in the recent Portuguese pro-abortion campaign where abortion was legalised for any reason up to the 12 weeks of pregnancy. We are eager to know who their Maltese contacts are as this vessel always operates with representatives who are already embedded in the target country. These people are bent on destroying human life no matter how frail and defenseless. They claim to work in the interest of women, yet no abortion clinic anywhere offers women post abortion support to help these women to cope with the deep psychological scares that follow after an abortion,” the pro-life movement said.

It has also called on the Government and the Opposition to take a clear position on this issue and to move forward with the proposed Constitutional amendment to provide the unborn child with the clear right to life as soon as possible.

“Not taking a clear united stand will send the message that Malta is not united on this issue will encourage this ship and others also to come to Malta to lobby and campaign with even more determination,” Gift of Life said.

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