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Article: Atheists Won’t Save Europe

April 19, 2007

Don Feder writing for

What do atheists have to offer in place of God to give meaning to life – democracy, human rights, reason, la dolce vita?

The dignity of the individual was first proclaimed at Sinai. The Torah sets forth individual rights and responsibilities. Democracy got a huge impetus from the Protestant Reformation.

From the French Revolution to the blood-drenched isms of the 20th century, more people were killed in the name of reason – liberty, equality and fraternity, or “scientific” socialism, or “scientific” theories of race – than in all of the religious wars spanning the course of history combined.

The idea that atheists can stop the Islamic advance could only make sense to a modern European.

You can’t beat something with nothing. Atheism isn’t a values system, but the negation of a values system.

Whatever you think of it, Islam is a fighting creed. (Though some would say it more resembles an ideology than a religion.) Adherents are oriented in the universe. They’re given a mission (purpose) in life, and a vision of reward and punishment in the afterlife.

It’s not immigration alone that’s driving the Islamacization of Europe. Europeans also are converting to Islam. Strangely, they seem not to find fulfillment in 4-day work weeks, soccer-mania, hedonist philosophies or the anemic version of Christianity prevalent in many parts of the continent.

Full article here.

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