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Portrait: Otto von Habsburg: Catholic Statesman

April 15, 2007


“Europe cannot be understood without its Christian roots. Still more, the Christian view of man and the values imbued with Christianity are indispensable for the political European system and should also be recognised by the European Union as being of the stature that can establish her identity. This can only be achieved if believing and practising Christians themselves become proactively involved.

Those who resign themselves cannot win. And those who flinch from the political fight cannot then complain if other forces prevail. If Christians, strengthened by prayer and good education, get involved actively in the shaping of Europe, then Europe has every chance of a good future.”

– Otto von Habsburg, words of support for Europe4Christ

* * *

Dr. Otto von Habsburg is a political leader whose identity as a Catholic is as unmistakable as his identity as a European. As a parliamentarian of Bavaria’s Christian Social Union party, he stood squarely in the tradition of Catholic political activism fostered by Pope Leo XIII and bearing fruit in Europe’s many Christian-identified parties. In the spirit of those movements, he has used his position to promote governmental policies that uphold moral standards, foster peace and cooperation among nations, and advance the social good of the people. But he also bears faithful witness in our time to an even older tradition — the age-old Habsburg role as defender of Church and pope.

– from Inside the Vatican: Christian Statesman: Dr. Otto von Habsburg

“Otto von Habsburg has a Churchillian vision and statesmanship unprecedented in our time. [He is] a man who had fought the twin evils of Nazism and communism with the courage of his convictions and brilliance of his intellect.”

– from U.S. Representative Tom Lantos, toast during gala dinner for the Hapsburgs, Hungarian American Coalition

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