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Report: St. Peter’s is a “spiritual organism” at the heart of the Catholic Church, Pope says

March 18, 2007

From Catholic News Agency:

Following today’s general audience, Benedict XVI went to the headquarters of the Fabric of St. Peter’s to greet the people who work there. The Holy Father told those who serve the Vatican’s Major Basilica that St. Peter’s is not a museum or work of architecture, but a “living place,” a “spiritual organism.”

In his remarks to the staff of this pontifical institution he recalled how they undertake their duties “in a place, the venerable basilica of the Apostle, that is the heart of the Catholic Church. A beating heart, thanks to the Holy Spirit which keeps it alive, but also thanks to the activity of those who daily ensure its upkeep.”

“Slightly more than 500 years have passed,” he added, “since the first stone of the second Vatican Basilica was laid. … And yet it remains a living place, it is not a museum, it is a spiritual organism, and the stones also reflect this vitality.”

Full report here.

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