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Report: Socialists push through abortion bill in Portugal

March 7, 2007

China View: Portugal’s legislative committee approves abortion bill

The Portuguese parliament’s constitutional affairs committee on Wednesday approved a bill on the voluntary interruption of pregnancy, which is likely to be approved by lawmakers on Thursday.

The Socialist Party (PS), the Communist Party, the Left Block and the Green Party, which had jointly written the bill, voted for it in committee.

The proposal is likely to become law as t e PS has an absolute majority in the country’s legislature, the Republican Assembly, and can rely on the support of left-wing parties.

The Social Democrat Party and the Christian Democrat Party, both right wing, voted against the idea in the committee and are likely to do so on Thursday.

The bill allows women the free choice to abort a pregnancy within 10 weeks and with psychological help and advice. By contrast, right-wing parties have been campaigning for an obligatory consultation with an official who will advise against abortion.

The legislation currently allows for a three-day cooling-off period between deciding on and performing an abortion, which left-wing parties say will guarantee an abortion takes place with full freedom and responsibility.

Portugal held a referendum on Feb. 11 on the issue, with the legalization camp winning 59 percent of the vote. However, only half of Portugal’s registered voters took part in the referendum.

The new law is likely to come into force before the start of the summer.

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