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Report: Vatican plea for support for Christians in Holy Land

March 6, 2007

From Catholic World News:

The prefect of the Vatican’s Congregation for Eastern Churches has issued an appeal to all the world’s Catholic bishops, asking support for the Christians of the Holy Land.

The letter from Cardinal Ignace Moussa I Daoud, made public by the Vatican on March 6, promotes the annual worldwide appeal for support of the Church in the Holy Land. The cardinal’s missive– published in English, French, Spanish, and Italian– asks help for “a portion of the Church which is both forever old and forever young.”

Cardinal Daoud notes that the collection for the needs of the Church in the Holy Land dates back to 1421, and the days of Pope Martin V. The special campaign recognizes the “grave” responsibility the Catholic world feels toward the “Mother Church of Jerusalem,” he said.

The needs of the Church in the Holy Land are especially acute today, Cardinal Daoud remarked, because of the “unspeakable suffering” that Christians in that region currently endure. He relayed the “heartfelt appreciation of the Holy Father” for the generosity that Catholics show in this campaign.

Cardinal Daoud’s message comes with a long list of projects undertaken by the Church in the Holy Land that are in need of support.

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