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Report: Catholics and Muslims should unite to fight violence, secularism, says Vatican Foreign Minister

February 7, 2007


Catholics and Muslims should unite to fight the spread of violence and secularism, according to Vatican Foreign Minister Archbishop Dominique Mamberti.

Speaking at the launch of the Arabic edition of the book “The Religious Sense,” by Mgr Luigi Giussani, Archbishop Mamberti referred to Pope Benedict XVI’s lecture at the University of Regensburg last September, and to the Pope’s Christmas address to the Roman Curia, and suggested that the relationship between faith and reason, and coexistence with modern ideas of freedom represent a “challenge for Islam as well as for the Church.”

The archbishop observed that “the Muslim world is going through a crisis due to the different forms in which the gap between faith and reason is expressed.”

He added that both faiths could help each other through dialogue and said it is all the more timely to reflect on the proposal put forward by the Pope, according to whom “the integration between faith and reason suggests to Islam the path to go forward.”

In particular, the two religions can meet to reflect on how they can be “united against violence and in view of a synergy between faith and reason,” Archbishop Mamberti added.

In regard to Monsignor Giussani’s book, Archbishop Mamberti observed that its translation into Arabic is a “cultural event,” useful for the Muslim world to understand many aspects of Christian and Western culture, as well as a concrete occasion of hope for Christians in the Middle East.

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