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Book Review: Foundations of a Catholic Political Order

February 6, 2007

Review of Foundations of a Catholic Political Order by Thomas Storck. Four Faces Press

David Arias Jr., New Oxford Review:

Why is a Catholic State or political order necessary? And what would a Catholic State look like? These are the two core questions Storck seeks to answer. The basic answer to the first question is simple. A Catholic State is necessary because a Catholic culture is necessary. And a Catholic culture is necessary because the Catholic Faith is objectively true. Now an essential truth of the Faith is that the Incarnate Son of God, Jesus Christ, is the Sovereign King of all creation. Here “all creation” includes every single aspect and realm of creation which exists (e.g., the physical, personal, familial, social, political, economic, national, international realms). A consequence of this is that Our Lord has a moral right to be recognized, glorified, and worshiped, as the Sovereign King Who He is, by all individuals and societies. Accordingly, all individuals and societies have a moral duty, in keeping with their circumstances, to see to it that Our Lord’s right, in this regard, is honored.

One might think that what has been stated thus far sounds like mere authoritarianism and is unrelated to the genuine needs and constructive desires of the human person. Nothing could be further from the truth. For the human person has been created so that he is perfected, in his very being, by recognizing the Sovereign God for Who He is and by glorifying Him in every aspect of life. As we learn from the Catechism, our purpose for existing is to know, love, and serve God in this life, both individually and socially, so that we can be happy with Him in Heaven. Thus, it is precisely through knowing the Lord’s will and yearning to submit to it that the person is perfected and conformed to God Himself. In other words, the person can only be truly happy when he is living his life as the Lord has created him to live it. Consequently, honoring Christ as Sovereign King is not contrary to or unrelated to the human person’s fulfillment, but rather it is a necessary condition for it. Yet, as Storck maintains, this is only possible on the social level if the culture of the society is genuinely Catholic. Hence a Catholic culture and, consequently, a Catholic State is necessary….

Read complete review here.

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