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Report: Pope urges Christians not to leave Middle East

February 2, 2007

From CWNews:

Pope Benedict XVI has urged the Christians of the Middle East to resist the pressure to emigrate, and thus to preserve the Christian presence in the region.

Meeting with representatives of the Oriental Orthodox churches on February 1, the Pope paid tribute to their “ecclesial patrimony stemming from apostolic times and the first centuries of Christianity.”

In an audience with members of the Joint International Commission for Theological Dialogue between Catholics and Orthodox, which is meeting in Rome this week, the Holy Father said that the separated churches should “pray diligently for that unity required for the Church to exercise her mission in the world.”

Noting that the Oriental Orthodox churches are located mostly in the Middle East, the Pope remarked that the Christian presence is endangered in that “volatile” region. While the faithful are “often tempted to emigrate,” the Pope said that “Christians of all traditions communities in the Middle East are called to be courageous and steadfast in the power of the Spirit of Christ.”

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