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Article: Communists are still a grave threat

January 24, 2007

Eric Margolis writing in The Toronto Sun (with thanks to The Remnant):

A few years after Poland’s liberation from communist rule, I met with its deputy minister of defence. He suggested a stroll in a park, “because here in my office, there are many listeners.”

I asked if communists still posed a threat. He whispered: “They are gone, but they are still here.”

On Jan. 7, we witnessed an example of what the minister meant. Warsaw’s archbishop, Stanislaw Wielgus, was forced to resign after being exposed as a longtime informer for Poland’s former communist secret police, the Sluzba Bezpieczenstwa, or SB.

Many other senior clergymen are being exposed. Ultra-Catholic Poland is in shock. This is the latest faux pas in Pope Benedict’s reign. He appointed Wielgus and defended his old friend when the scandal first broke.

Most of the Soviet Union’s Orthodox clergy were KGB agents, as were most Muslim mullahs in Soviet central Asia. The KGB planted numerous agents in Poland’s Catholic Church and the Vatican. Many still remain active.


Poland should be hailed for exposing communist criminals and their pawns. Now, it’s time for eastern Europe’s other nations, Ukraine and Russia, to do the same.

It is time for the European Union to enact legislation similar to Poland’s, defining the communist secret police and their political leaders as the criminals they were.

Endlessly repeating mantras about Nazi evils while ignoring even greater crimes of our former allies, the communists, is obscene and dishonest. Russia should admit its crimes and prosecute surviving perpetrators, but won’t. Once again, the dauntless Poles show us the way.

Full article here.

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