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Report: Iraqi Christians Lose All Hope with Violence, Anarchy

January 21, 2007

From The Christian Post:

Difficulties and persecution is nothing new to the minority Christians living in Iraq. However, local Christians are now saying that the anarchistic situation in their country has destroyed all optimism for a better future.

“Almost no one sees a bright future for Iraq,” said Stefan De Groot, co-worker of the international organization Open Doors, according to a report on Tuesday.


Nearly half of the Christians in Iraq have fled since the early 1990s.

The UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) call the massive exodus of Assyrian Christians, who make up the majority of the Iraqi Christian population, a humanitarian crisis. The United Nations reports that although Assyrians comprise only five percent of Iraq’s population, they make up nearly 40 percent of the refugees fleeing Iraq.

Assyrian Christians living in America have rallied, calling on U.S. leaders to help form an autonomous zone in Iraq for Assyrians and other Christians where they can practice their faith freely and work without persecution.

“Because of their small population, weak status, and lack of regional support, they have no one to protect them from all the violence,” said Paul Isaac, one of the organizers of the Christians for Assyrians of Iraq rally in December…

Full report here.

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