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Article: Suicide of the West?

December 10, 2006

A PRI Weekly Briefing by Joseph A. D’Agostino.

Traditional Catholic countries have now entered the vanguard of the demographic winter, with some of the lowest birthrates in the world.


Cardinal Lopez Trujillo quoted Pope Benedict XVI as saying in May, “Vast areas of the world are entering the so-called ‘demographic winter,’ resulting in a more aged population; families thus appear seized by the fear of life, of paternity and maternity. Courage must be instilled into them, so that they may continue to achieve their noble mission to procreate in love.”


Those who worry about Muslims, or Marxism, or too many immigrants are right to do so. Yet these same people, usually politically and even socially conservative, generally ignore the fundamental biological threat facing all Western nations, especially European ones. (In fact, Europe, broadly defined to include Eastern Europe and Russia, is already shrinking in population.) Without a return to family values, we can honestly say the suicide of the West is inevitable.


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